Avoid Meetings Nightmares With 3 Tips From These Scary Movies

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Meetings nightmares

Most meeting planners have experienced at least one or two disasters in their career, leaving them awake at night to conjure up whatever meetings nightmares may occur next.

Luckily, planners can turn to these three thriller movies for advice on how to avoid major catastrophes in the future.

Track Deliveries in “Fatal Attraction” Mode

One of the biggest fears for meeting planners is that meeting items won’t get shipped on time for an event. Luckily, they can take cues from Glenn Close’s character in “Fatal Attraction” who stalks her lover and his family. Confirming tracking numbers and following up on specific orders at least seven to 10 business days before an event can help save you from panicking those days leading up to it.

Evade Damages with a “Saw”-esque Tool Box

Delivery of anything from tables or linens to a microphone or four-tier cake can come with damages. Apart from making sure to package your items wisely and provide detailed instructions to the delivery driver and/or venue team receiving the delivery, it’s also important to bring a tool box to your event. Planning ahead and creating a go-to tool box with everything from a hammer to a needle and thread to whiteout will leave you feeling fully prepared for any nightmare—or Jigsaw Killer—that might come your way.

Take Notes from “Speed” to Avoid Slow Check-In

Slow meeting check-ins can immediately dissuade attendees from valuing or even staying at your event. By using a speedy, technical mindset like Sandra Bullock in the movie “Speed,” meeting planners can help avoid this faux pas. Consider using integrated check-in with a single swipe or click instead of checking attendees in manually. This also is a good way to digitize your event schedule and program for attendees as well as track data regarding attendee engagement.

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