Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo to Political Policy Battles

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political policy CinderellaToday’s political climate is ushering in an era of unintentional activists as businesses—Home Depot to—have been spotted stepping to either side of the line in support or retort of the current administration.

And as a vetted traveler, you’ve likely found yourself in a similar position with family and friends, or perhaps, even while on the clock. Luckily, there’s help for the unintentional activist from a few unsuspected places—three to be exact. Follow these tips from Cinderella’s sidekicks to launch a staunch “boo” to ill-fated political policy battles.

“Every Time She Finds a Minute, That’s the Time That They Begin It”

Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters always keep her hopping on her toes…just like the unintentional political activist, who can weave hot button topics into just about any conversation. An outdoor event? “I don’t know…climate change is making the weather so unpredictable.” Attendee takeaway? “Yeah, cause you know everybody thinks they deserve something for free these days.” If you’re one of these accidental activists, take some words of wisdom from Cinderella’s mousy friends and focus on what you can do right now. They pieced together a ballroom gown with a pair of scissors that was five times their size—what will you do?

Learn to Like Cats

There’s an unusual hierarchy of animals in Cinderella’s pad that places an evil version of the Cheshire Cat at the top and lovable bloodhound Bruno at the bottom. Bruno is often tormented by Lucifer the cat who plays the victim, prompting Cinderella’s advice to Bruno: “Just learn to like cats.” And that pretty much summarizes how to stop awkward political policy battles before they begin: find something to like about the person you are talking to and just focus on that. Nice tie? Great! Pleasant speaking voice? Awesome! Wearing two shoes, fly is up, no drooling when speaking? Brilliant!

Find Your Magic

“If you’re chased around by trouble and followed by a jinx,” find someone to “jinx your trouble and trouble your jinx.” And this is exactly what happened after Cinderella’s beautiful gown was ripped to shreds by those Neanderthal, horse-faced hussies—she conjured a sweet and capable fairy godmother who shot silver starlight out of her wandhole and transformed mice into horses, a horse into a coachman and Cinderella into a Kardashian. She took charge and names while touting, “even miracles take a little time.” In short, the big G helped Cinderella and the gang find a little magic simply by walking in someone else’s shoes for a while. If the conversation really must veer toward the political side…grin and bear it. Be happy that you’re not walking around in shoes that could shatter at any moment.

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