Home Alone-Inspired Tricks for Tech-Impaired Planners

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Home Alone

Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” inspired children everywhere that they could fight off dim-witted robbers like Marv and Harry through creative booby traps and witty tricks.

Meeting planners similarly can glean inspiration from Kevin’s methods by giving into event technology and realizing how helpful it can really be—if you get creative.

Don’t Forget Your Attendees Through Lead-Capture Apps

If Kevin lived in the 21st century, the “Home Alone” plot would be difficult to believe since everyone’s constantly connected via cellphones. But this pre-cellphone story starts when Kevin’s cousin mistakenly counts him as present in the van that takes the family to the airport. Luckily for planners and trade show exhibitors, they now have the option to never lose an attendee contact through the use of lead-capture apps. They simply taking a photo of an attendee’s business card, and their contact information is saved for later.

Avoid a Toy-Truck-on-the-Floor Slowdown with Grab-and-Go Technology

Kevin is constantly slowing down Marv and Harry with his creatively set booby traps. One way to avoid slowing down on-the-go attendees is through grab-and-go technology. For instance, meeting planners can create easy lunch checkout options for attendees all at the touch of a tablet.

No Need for Paper (or Parents) If You Go Digital

Kevin proves that he can make it on his own when his parents leave him home alone. Like Kevin, meeting planners who can’t break the habit of using paper at events will soon realize that the benefits to going digital often outweigh those of disappointing attendees who are reliant on paper. Not only is the money savings relevant, but going digital also allows you to make last-minute changes to your event program. Plus, using event management software or mobile apps helps automate a lot of tasks that would otherwise be done by you or staff members.

VR: More Interactive than a Michael Jordan Cutout

One of the first scenes in “Home Alone” that shows off Kevin’s trickery is when he uses a Michael Jordan cutout and other props to create a mock party that looks quite lively from the streets. As virtual reality becomes more mainstream and budget friendly, meeting planners now more than ever should consider jumping on the VR bandwagon to provide inexpensive entertainment for attendees.


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