Are You Ready to Explore Virtual Reality?

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Virtual reality

Technology experts predict that virtual reality will be one of the top tech trends to take over in 2017.

As tech companies such as Google and Samsung continue to make it easy for everyday users to access virtual reality (VR) applications, meeting planners are looking for ways to incorporate the technology into events on both a creative and practical level. Demetrius Wren, digital experience designer for Freeman, discusses three potential ways that planners and their attendees can take advantage of VR.

Introducing a Product

During a trade show, exhibitors can use VR to introduce attendees to products such as a ship or jet that can be difficult to transport to the exhibition floor.

Helping Visualize an Event Setup

VR can be used to help meeting planners tour a venue or destination and visualize how event setups could look in the space before work on the event even begins.

Bringing in Virtual Attendees

Through live streaming, virtual attendees can customize their experience and have a telepresence at an event from the comfort of their office or home.

For more inspiration and insight into how virtual reality can become a possibility at your event, read Wren’s article here.

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