How to Make Long-Haul Flights More Comfortable for Attendees

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The travel to and from a destination can really make or break the attendee meeting experience, especially if most attendees have to take long-haul flights to get there. Those overseas flights that are 10-plus hours can really wear attendees out before your meeting even begins, which is why it’s important to make them as comfortable as possible. Here are five ways you can help them better prepare for the long-haul flight to your totally-worth-it event.

Send Out a Checklist

Veteran travelers will already know the basics of long-haul travel, but it’s always helpful to include a checklist of what to bring on the flight in your itinerary. Eye masks, headphones, sleeping pillows, comfy clothes and snacks are all important reminders. However, also remind attendees how important hydration is on long-haul flights. Drinking water instead of coffee or alcohol is definitely important, but so is bringing moisturizer and even moisturizing beforehand.

Make Customized Travel Items

If your budget allows, create customized eye masks or sock slippers for attendees to wear on the plane to get them in the spirit of the meeting. You can have it delivered to their office beforehand, or if most attendees are flying on the same flight, you could have members of your events team hand them out at the airport.


If you’re working with a travel agent or airline partner, ask for upgrades. The difference between economy and business class can make all the difference on long-haul flights.

Have a Car Service with Good Signage

After a long-haul flight, attendees are tired and jetlagged. Make sure that you have a car service there to pick them up right as they’re exiting customs. Not only does the car service need to be there, but they need to have very obvious signage for these tired folks. Either the event name or, for smaller groups, the attendee last name always helps, but make sure it’s big and bold.

Create Care Packages

Airplane food is never great, so some of your attendees may have not eaten for a solid 15 hours. A care package with fresh fruits or local snacks from the region will not only get them excited about the event, but also give them the energy they may very well need to attend the first reception.

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