New Incentive Travel Study Will Help Planners Predict Market Trends

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Incentive travel study; Photo Credit: Nick Youngson/ImageCreator

A trifecta of incentive travel orgs are collaborating on the industry’s first joint index study to help meeting planners make better business decisions when planning incentive travel.

Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), the Financial and Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP) and the Incentive Research Foundation announced earlier this week that they are working together to produce “The Incentive Travel Industry Index.” The incentive travel study will be released annually and will provide a forecast and analysis of business conditions, attitudes and expectations for all things incentive travel. The, ahem, incentive behind the research is that it will work as a guide to future trends based on how industry challenges affect market growth for both buyers and suppliers.

“The new Incentive Travel Industry Index is the first pan-industry endeavor to chart and navigate the world of incentive travel and will provide unprecedented, consolidated insight into where the industry is headed,” says SITE CEO Didier Scaillet, CIS. “It brings together three organizations with very different profiles and constituency groups—professional society for incentive travel professionals, foundation dedicated to the entire incentive industry and corporate end-users. The collaboration will reduce duplication in terms of data collection and enrich the depth of perspectives, distribution and coverage.”

The study will be based on an all-encompassing questionnaire that will bring consistency to this type of research. Plus, it will be released early enough to coincide with industry marketing and budgeting cycles. The collaboration plans to release the survey for respondents by late May, with results expected by end of summer.

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