The 5 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps

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The amount of time wasted scheduling meetings over email can become cumbersome for meeting planners. Luckily, there are meeting scheduler apps that have not only made scheduling easier, but some have essentially taken on the role as a virtual assistant. Here are five meeting scheduler apps that will make your scheduling woes disappear.


Back-and-forth group emails about when and where to plan a meeting are finally a thing of the past thanks to apps such as Rally. The free app helps you create a poll for attendees to vote on a specific day for an event that works best with their schedule.


Similar to Rally, NeedToMeet allows you to select meeting times and create a poll page for other people to weigh in on which option works best for them. Everyone can see the selections that each member made, which encourages people to rearrange their own schedules (if they can) to accommodate more people. The free app differs from Rally in that it suggests specific dates and times instead of days that work best.

For those Gmail and Google Calendar fans out there, lets you work directly from both to select available meeting times and share open slots with the person you are trying to meet. Simply select the meeting duration and the location of the meeting within Gmail’s compose screen, and then this information will be included in an email from which the recipient can click on a time that works best for them. The free app then adds the meeting and relevant details to your Google Calendar.


The Genee app works with Gmail, iCloud and Office 365 and essentially fills the roll as your personal assistant. You cc the Genee email address with the requested time frame and other event details. Then, Genee emails all the attendees and suggests time options based on your availability and requested preferences. It even adds the event to your calendar and sends a message with confirmation details.

The other “virtual assistant” on the market goes by the name of “Amy” or “Andrew.” The app works similar to Genee in that you cc Amy or Andrew, who then takes over to find a time and location in your schedule that works. Then, the assistant sends along an invite, which includes all the meeting information and even a phone number or conference line (if needed). Amy or Andrew can schedule meetings for a group up to five people.

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