Wow ‘Em With a Little Help From US Government Tweets

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laughter in businessLevity doesn’t solve anything, but it does often make it better somehow. Doesn’t it?

And who knew Washington’s agencies had so much to offer on the subject, especially for meeting and incentive planners. We trolled some of our country’s most popular US government twitter accounts in search of planning insights that we could bring back to you. Take them with a grain of salt, but please do laugh a little at these 5 tips tweets.

1.) Oh, yes. Tattoo removal may very well be the next big incentive trend. Thanks to the Food & Drug Administration for filling us in on this.


2.) If it hits the fan…contact your family and friends.

safety while abroad

3.) About those pre-arrival questionnaires…



4.) Because nothing says innovative F&B like a tailgate party.

innovative food and beverage

5.) In the event of unexpected weather, don’t worry, attendees. We’re all in good hands.


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