La Coleccion Resorts Pioneers Event Tech in Mexico

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Fiesta Americana
Image Mapping Tech at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

All-inclusive resorts are finding new ways to engage attendees with technology and cultural experiences.

La Coleccion Resorts, which is part of the Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico MICE umbrella, seeks to redefine the all-inclusive experience through customization and innovative use of technology. La Coleccion offers a choice of 12 unique resorts and destinations and no two resorts are the same, inviting attendees to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of each destination and become immersed in the local culture.

Image Mapping

At Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico, innovative mapping technology can transform small settings such as the La Joya Restaurant at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun, or even full-scale ballroom settings to make attendees feel like they are at sea or deep in the Mayan jungle. The technology uses LCD projectors to illuminate images or themes onto the walls, ceilings or floors of an event space, literally “mapping” out a story onto a blank canvas. Fiesta Americana resorts have become ambassadors for the mapping technology in Mexico, and each property offers a customized approach or a set mapping experience that may fit any budget.

“La Coleccion and Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico continue to benchmark against competitors, adjust, adapt and offer new experiences to ensure every meeting and/or event is a unique and memorable experience,” says David Manzella, SVP of sales and marketing at Posadas.

Cultural CSR

A variety of CSR programs are available across the collection of resorts, such as teaming up with local schools to bring in essential school supplies or filled backpacks, or local park beautification projects in the nearby towns. An array of cultural experiences at the City Collection properties are also available, from Mexican museum encounters to church visitations.

“Professional meeting planners demand a more customized approach when it comes to all-inclusive resorts,” adds Manzella. “We provide that with our ‘Perfect Planner Program’ featured with Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico, which allows meeting planners and groups to customize their events through a variety of concessions, amenities and add-ons all at the very affordable all-inclusive price structure.”

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