Louis Vuitton Debuts Tech-Savvy Handbags

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Louis VuittonThe top performers in your group will drool over the world’s first tech-savvy luxe fashion handbags.

Two years in the making, Louis Vuitton has partnered with Royole Corporation, a next-gen tech manufacturer founded by Stanford engineering students, for the world’s first tech-savvy luxe handbags. Presented at VivaTechnology in Paris, the fashion handbag line “Canvas of the Future” includes three leather bags with programmable digital screens and sensors.

The tech allows users to show custom images and videos right on their bags using a flexible touchscreen interface. The result is instant and infinite personalization, two things that are trending big this year in the MICE world. Whether used for branding, meeting and event messaging, as creative icebreakers or a bold personal statement, the luxe tech bags are sure to “wow” the top performers in your group.

Royole recently hit the headlines by launching the world’s first commercially available foldable smartphone, FlexPai. The partnership with Louis Vuitton brings the company’s tech to mainstream merchandising.

Speaking to this bag of the future, Dr. Bill Liu, Royole founder and CEO of Royole, stated, “Canvas of the Future shows how flexible displays and sensors are becoming embedded in our visions of the future in many different sectors. Louis Vuitton has done a fantastic job in incorporating our innovative technology into their elegant, iconic designs.”

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