5 Reasons to Amp Up Your Sensory Marketing Strategy

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Sensory Marketing

Sensory marketing has taken on a whole new level as researchers explore how the brain processes multisensory stimulation. And luckily for meeting planners, sensory marketing techniques can be used to help create event experiences.

Designing event experiences for the senses is exactly what Dianne Devitt, co-founder of the DND Group, an event production company, talked to attendees about at Prevue’s Strategic Meetings Summit, held last week at three Chicago Kimpton Hotels — The Kimpton Gray Hotel, Hotel Palomar Chicago and Hotel Allegro. Here are five takeaways from her presentation that show why using sensory experiences at events can be beneficial.

Color Increases Brand Recognition

Devitt said that 85 percent of shoppers place color as a primary reason why they buy a particular product and that color increases brand recognition by 80 percent.

Music Helps Customers Remember

Brands with music that fit their brand identity are 96 percent more likely to be remembered than brands with no music or music that doesn’t fit their brand.

Scents Generate Emotion

While only 3 percent of Fortune 1000 companies use smell in their marketing or branding, research shows that 75 percent of our emotions are generated by what we smell.

Sight & Hearing Reign Supreme

Sight and hearing were the top two senses according to buyers and non-buyers of luxury products or services, with 82 percent of participants ranking sight in the top two senses and 66 percent ranking hearing.

People Crave Sensory Experiences

Hospitality, real estate, entertainment, gaming, medical and financial fields are expanding into the benefits of sensory marketing in response to recent studies that show more than seven in 10 people crave experiences that stimulate their senses.

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