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All Webinars

Planning Meetings and Incentives in Mexico

July 15th 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Our expert panel shares their insights and advice for planners who are considering Mexico for their meetings and incentives, including unique experiences, safety protocols/assurances and value.

Learn the Secret to Innovative Events

June 30TH 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Insights on designing innovative events from the masters at Haute Dokimazo, creators of the Age of Conversation and Secret Family Reunion.

Innovative Ways to Plan Your Next Event Successfully and Safely in South Korea

June 3rd at 1PM ET | 12PM CT | 10AM PT
Join us to get updates on the latest status of the meetings industry in Korea and get connected with various destinations in Korea.

The Ultimate Incentive Experience Awaits at the End of the Earth: Antarctica

May 25th at 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Join Hurtigruten’s Charter and Incentive experts to hear more about Antarctica as one of the safest, most unique, and rewarding incentive destinations out there.

Mistakes to Avoid When Going Hybrid

May 11th at 1PM ET | 12PM CT | 10AM PT
An online discussion about some of the most common misconceptions, pitfalls and mistakes to avoid for meeting planners who are getting started with hybrid meetings. Topics will include event structure, audience engagement and technology.

Well-Being Tips When You’re on the Road

April 29th at 1PM ET | 10AM PT | 12PM CT
Work-related flying and travel is stressful. During this webinar you'll get insight on how to improve your self-care and reduce stress while staying healthier and more productive for your events. Dr. Mary Warren, the creator of Road Warrior Wellness™ will help you feel sharper when you're on the road and live a more balanced life every day.

How to Develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan

Desi Whitney, CEO of Emergency Concierge International, and Prevue’s Barbara Scofidio will discuss the precautions that went into the planning and implementation of our Best Practices Summit in Plano, Texas.

Covid-19 and Meeting Contracts

This hour of advice on contract clauses will focus on force majeure and include a Q&A session where attendees can share their specific experiences and concerns.

Restarting Meetings

Risk management, safety and security are front of mind for planners in this new era of meetings. This webinar will help you develop strategies for sanitization, room sets, F&B, attendee communications and on-site emergency services. 

Duty of Care Webinar

This must-attend webinar will draw on the expertise of 3 industry pros who have developed comprehensive duty of care strategies and protocols to keep attendees safe!

Korea: A Model of Safety in the Covid-19 Era

Korea has been a model around the world for its management of the COVID pandemic, and now it is leading the way in its health and safety protocols for meetings. Hear from a panel of experts on specific measures they are taking to ensure attendee safety and learn all that is new for MICE groups.

An Hour of Innovation

Meeting industry educator James Feldman, who speaks to audiences around the world about innovation and thriving on change, will share in real-time dozens of tools, tips and resources for injecting innovation into your programs, covering every aspect of meeting planning, from technology to meeting formats to F&B and more.  

Coronavirus and Your Meeting Contracts

This webinar will discuss what your options are in making a Go or No-Go decision and how to interpret your contracts regarding liability. It will also cover how to prepare future contracts and the four legal standards to include to protect meeting sponsors from not only epidemics and diseases, but other disasters as well.

Tales from the Virtual Trenches: Lessons Learned in Taking Physical Events Online

Performedia, a leader in conference webcasting and virtual events, will help prepare you to take your event into the virtual space in a confidant and polished manner.  You will hear how to convert your physical events into the virtual space and explore a virtual event environment just as your attendees will.

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