Hyperlocal Florida Experiences

Hyperlocal Florida Experiences

Learn how to group experiences that are integrated into a destination create lasting memories for attendees. That means designing an event with touchpoints that are integral to the destination. Our webinar will focus on designing experiences that are uniquely Florida.

Watch as our three destination experts—Steffi Kordy, CITP, Owner/ Managing Director Cocoon Incentives; Joe Fijol, DMCP, Principal, ETHOS Event Collective; and Suzanne Hackman, CDME, Regional Director of Sales, PRA Business Events—share how to design experiences that are uniquely Florida.

Featured Speakers:

Joe Fijol, DMCP Principal, ETHOS Event CollectiveJoe Fijol
DMCP Principal
ETHOS Event Collective

Prior to that, Joe spent 8 years as a managing partner at 360 Destination Group in Florida, along with previous roles at Pebble Beach Company, Destination Services Corporation and Experience Florida. 

In January of 2021, Joe co-founded ETHOS Event Collective, a destination & event management Company, to help meeting and event planners stay ahead of increasing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences possible. ETHOS calls it Purposeful Planning and it’s how they ensure results for both company and community long after a meeting or event has ended. 
Suzanne Hackman, CDME Regional Director of SalesSuzanne Hackman
Regional Director of Sales

PRA Business Events

Suzanne began her hospitality journey working part time in room service at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort while she was in college, and fell in love with both hospitality and the St. Petersburg area, where she currently resides. Suzanne held sales manager positions for Radisson Hotels, and Adams Mark Hotels and Resorts before being hired as a Senior Sales Manager at Tradewinds Island Resorts in 2000.

In 2005, she was hired as a Sr. Sales Manager for Visit St. Peter/Clearwater, was promoted to the Director of Meetings and Conventions in 2007, and promoted again in 2018 to Vice President of Business Development before moving to PRA in 2022.

Steffi Kordy, CITP
Owner/ Managing Director
Cocoon Incentives

Steffi founded her company with the tagline “Think Outside your Cocoon” in 2011 after moving to Florida from Chicago, where she worked for a DMC for several years. She enjoys creating custom itineraries highlighting the uniqueness of the location and always adding “the cherry on top” to wow her clients.

Originally from Germany, she has lived on five continents working in the hospitality industry and speaks six languages. She has written several books on travel, culture and trends.

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