Build Your ROI Emergency Kit: 5 Tips for Proving the Value of Your Events

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Speaker: Myllisa Patterson, Director of Mid-Marketing Campaigns for CVENT

We all know that feeling of sheer panic that happens when our boss (or bosses’ boss) asks for an update on the return we got from our last event. It’s not that your event didn’t succeed, but putting success into terms an executive understands can be a challenge.

When senior execs are demanding bottom line numbers…
Don’t pull the fire alarm and run. Grab your emergency ROI kit and take a deep breath. This webinar will arm you with what you need to show the value of your events for your next ROI emergency.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How focusing on your brand and using the right data can prove event value
  • How attendee experience impacts ROI
  • How to tell your event retention story

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