3 Foodie Shore Excursions from Azamara’s Newest Ship

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Rapallo, Italy; Photo Credit: Giorgio Galeotti

Azamara Club Cruises, which caters to planners seeking next-level executive experiences, will send its new brand-new Azamara Pursuit ship to sea in 2019.

The boat will stop in 74 countries and 276 ports, and offer voyages including a five-night Riviera jaunt and 10-night sail to see the historic sights of Greece. The ship will also offer once-in-a-lifetime shore excursions—with a wide range of experiences well suited to foodie attendees. Here are three that meeting planners will be able to incorporate into a cruise event aboard the cruise line’s newest ship.

Learn to Cook in Greece

Liotrivi Historical Mansion in Monemvasia, Greece, dates back to 1750 and boasts a bucolic setting replete with vineyards, olive trees and gardens. It’s the ideal environment for a cooking class devoted to the preparation of traditional Greek dishes under the tutelage of an experienced chef.

Savor the Local Flavors of Italy

In Rapallo, a picturesque town along the Ligurian Sea near Portofino, attendees will be able to learn culinary culture from the best possible source: an impassioned local. Guido will take guests through a lively food market to learn about the Liguria region’s fresh produce and herbs, then lead them to an artisanal pasta factory and focaccia bakery. The final destination on the tour will be Guido’s own bottega, where a lesson on how to make pesto alla Genovese commences. But of course, there will also be time to sip a glass of local Vermentino wine.

Hunt for Truffles in Croatia

A local guide and truffle-sniffing dog will help attendees forage for fungi in Mala Huba, a small Croatian village. The expedition, which lasts nearly an hour, will wrap up with a return to the village for wine tasting and truffle shopping.

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