4 Dining Apps for a Hyperlocal Group Experience


Finding a local dining experience continues to get easier with the launch of dining apps. Here are four that corporate event planners can use to guarantee authentic cuisine and culture for their next group meal.

  1. EatWith: The EatWith community may be one of the most authentic dining experiences to date. Meeting planners can organize their attendees to dine in people’s homes in more than 150 cities around the world. Not only does the experience give attendees the chance to connect with local hosts, but meeting planners can even work with the chef to create a personalized menu.
  2. LocalEats: Meeting planners can avoid dining at a chain restaurant by using LocalEats. The app only lists independently owned restaurants in the U.S. and select international cities. Planners can search through a city’s Top 100 restaurants or sort by price, neighborhood or type of food. There’s also a handy GPS feature that allows planners to find the most popular local restaurants within close proximity of the event hotel or convention center.
  3. ScoutMob: Similar to LocalEats, ScoutMob offers a guide to finding local restaurants, bars and cafes in 13 U.S. cities. It also offers special deals and upcoming events as well as locally focused stories to share with attendees who may be looking for a local experience on their own time.
  4. ChefsFeed: Want to plan an event at the same restaurant Thomas Keller goes to eat pasta? Meeting planners can now choose a restaurant based on advice offered up by some of the country’s best chefs. The app features reviews from more than 1,000 chefs in 24 cities, and it even includes specific dish recommendations at restaurants across the country.