2022 Holiday Party Trends

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holiday partyMarc-Antoine Bonin, CEO and co-founder of Planned, the all-in-one event planning platform, shares what he is seeing as the holiday party season begins to heat up.

In what’s shaping up to be the first major holiday party season since many companies have fully returned to the workplace, managers and employees alike are already looking forward to in-person holiday gatherings. Here are some of the biggest trend lines happening right now in company holiday party planning, and how your organization can get ahead of the curve:

Events Are Back, With a Twist

While companies across the board are excited to be celebrating the holidays together again, Planned’s clients are opting for smaller or mid-sized parties. They’re often looking toward local and team-based parties instead of one large, company-wide party.

High-End Over Theme-Based Parties

In many cases, corporate event planners are choosing to put more resources toward tailor-made holiday events. They prefer the freedom of customization, bringing their unique colors/values to life.

Sustainable EVERYTHING

It’s really inspiring to see the strides being made in terms of sustainability and inclusivity. Planned has seen an increase in venues on the platform that are certified for their limited consumption and their community impact. Planners are searching for local business partners and minority-led suppliers who can make their event even more impactful.

Get Planning

Demand for resources is very high, while staffing availability is at a historic low. The best practice for anyone looking to book the best events this holiday season is to start planning even earlier than usual. This will help ensure you find the ideal partners and have enough time to coordinate a flawless execution.

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