7 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

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LinkedInWhen LinkedIn started in 2003, it was meant to help professionals create an online version of their resume. It’s where job seekers could find employment, and where employers could find talent.

While the platform has changed to become the thought leadership platform you see today, it is still a very effective tool for those seeking employment. Today, the key to a successful job hunt is creating a presence and capitalizing on LinkedIn’s features to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are 7 tips to elevate your LinkedIn game:

Ensure your LinkedIn Profile is optimized

Your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume but it’s also a representation of your online brand. Try to fill out as many sections as possible, update your contact information, and include your current skills, experience, and education. In your Headline, About and Banner sections, use keywords relevant to your target job and industry to help recruiters find you.

Build your network

While growing your LinkedIn network is essential regardless of your job status, connecting with people in your industry will be extra helpful during a job search. Invite colleagues, peers, and potential recruiters Into your network. The more relevant eyes on your optimized profile, the more opportunities that could be sent your way!

Start to create content

Speaking of eyes on your profile, nothing gets eyes on your profile faster than a great piece of thought leadership. Consider creating content around your expertise, or leave thoughtful comments on other’s like-minded content. Bonus tip – engaging and leaving comments on the content created by those who can influence your next job is the most effective way to get on their radar!

Participate in Groups and join Audio Rooms

By being present and engaging in conversations with other professionals you’ll be top-of-mind when job positions pop up, you’ll stay up-to-date on industry trends and increase your visibility.

Use LinkedIn job search tools

LinkedIn has many job search tools that can help you find relevant job openings. Use the job search feature to search for jobs by keywords, industry, location, and other criteria.

Follow LinkedIn Company Pages

Follow companies you’re interested in working for to stay up-to-date on their latest news, job openings, and industry trends. This can also help you learn more about the company culture and values. Bonus tip – if you’re able to incorporate some of their language and messaging into your own Profile’s messaging about your own culture and values, they will see you as a good fit for their firm!

Engage with your network

Share industry news and articles, comment on posts from other professionals, and share your own thoughts and insights. This can help you build relationships and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

If LinkedIn is your tool-of-choice for your next job search, consider upgrading to a Premium Account. A Premium LinkedIn account gives you access to additional features, such as the ability to send messages to people you’re not connected with, and enhanced job search tools.

LinkedIn is a powerful brand-building tool for any professional, but can be especially powerful for those seeking job opportunities. By optimizing your profile, building your network, creating and engaging in content, and using the platform’s job search tools, you can increase your chances of finding the right job, or your next promotion.

Leanne Calderwood, CMP is one of the hospitality industry’s most preeminent LinkedIn experts, and one of Canada’s top voices in the meetings and events industry. Leanne serves as both a site selection professional at ConferenceDirect, and as one of the industry’s most sought-after LinkedIn and Personal Branding trainers and speakers. You can connect further with Leanne at [email protected], via her blog or find her on LinkedIn!

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