Wrist Bands Simplify Physical Distancing at Events

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wrist bands
Color-coded wrist bands for social distancing (photo credit: Social Bands)

Several companies have created innovative wrist bands that communicate an attendee’s preferred level of physical distancing while attending conferences and events.

As meetings and events start to resume, attendees will face new social challenges as they interact in group environments where the comfort levels of other attendees may be unclear. Wrist bands that clearly communicate attendee comfort levels are one option for meeting planners to create a safer experience for groups.

Event participants may have a wide range of comfort levels for physical proximity and contact, which can be difficult to navigate and could lead to missed business opportunities if someone is uncomfortable with the way they are approached at an event.

A number of companies have created seamless solutions for any social awkwardness or potential missed connections arising from these event scenarios.

Social Bands has created color-coded wrist bands that use a traffic light system to communicate the individual social contact preferences of attendees. A red wrist band means an attendee wants no contact and 6 feet of physical distance with no exceptions; a yellow wrist band denotes that an attendee is still being cautious but are OK with elbow bumps as a greeting; while a green wrist band indicates that an attendee is relaxed about physical distancing and comfortable with handshakes and high fives.

“For events and trade shows, an individually sealed envelope is given to each attendee with an information card on the program so the attendees can choose and communicate their preference silently,” says Desiree Haller, founder, Social Bands. “Each attendee is given all three bands so they can privately choose their comfort level. Our goal was to provide peace of mind and eliminate uncomfortable (and personal) conversations so in-person business can resume.”

The wrist bands are available in corporate packages for 20-50 attendees and for 50-100 attendees. The packages include 3 display bins for the bracelets, a digital package to print posters explaining the color coding, and additional loose bands in each color for customers and walk-ins. A retractable pop-up banner explaining the system is included with the 50-100 attendee package, and is available as an optional add-on for the 25-50 attendee package.

The company says it is in talks with large convention centers and hotels who have expressed an interest in the wrist bands, and are in talks with a membership organization in a wholesale distribution industry who are interested in making packages available to their members. The company founders predict that social preference indicators are here to stay, and that there will be an ongoing market for the product after the pandemic. Situations where companies are doing business with clients from other countries or different cultural backgrounds can make interactions difficult to navigate, and sometimes attendees simply don’t like their space being invaded without their consent, and the wristbands effortlessly communicate comfort levels without any awkwardness.

“Over and over we receive positive feedback that the Social Bands program provided a comfortable environment during a very trying and stressful transition,” says Haller. “We are so proud of the difference we have made as we all come together to navigate this uncharted territory.”

Other companies such as Wristband Resources are providing similar social distancing tools. The manufacturer and supplier of wrist bands and lanyards is offering social distancing wrist bands that utilize the same traffic light system to indicate an attendee’s comfort level for physical distancing. The wrist bands are made of 100 percent non-allergenic silicone and are available with a variety of different customization options.

Wrist bands can be printed, debossed or embossed with a message, graphic or phrase conducive to a company’s social distancing preferences, and are even available in patterned and glow-in-the-dark versions. If a specific custom requirement cannot be achieved via the company’s online design tool, such as multiple ink colors or specific Pantones, the company has a customer service team that can assist with the request.

Elation Factory is another manufacturer of stationary and packaging goods that has implemented a similar concept. The company offers a Social Distancing Event Kit that contains an 8″x10″ acrylic sign explaining its traffic light system for physical contact, as well as color-coded wrist bands available in packs ranging from 30 to 500 individually packaged wrist bands. The bands are blank and have no personalization, but customization is available with additional pricing.

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