5 Tips for Meeting Planners By Meeting Planners

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Every month, ConventionPlanit.com holds a contest for the best planner tips…for other planners.

Not only does the contest offer insights into the intricacies of the entire planning process, but it tosses a $100 gift card to the most stellar tip submitted as voted on by the planning community. Take a look at these recent submissions and let us know if you have anything to add.

The following tip submissions have been reprinted with permission.

“If you’re traveling across time zones for a meeting, arrive a day or so ahead to help your jet-lag, allowing you to be fresh when your attendees arrive. Make good use of the extra time by doing site inspections of new or renovated properties, shopping for supplies, meeting with the hotel and/or DMC, getting organized and becoming acclimated.”—Irene Dorr, Booz Allen Hamilton

“When preparing for a conference that includes an event each day, I plan ahead. I secure large plastic tubs with a fold over lid. I then label these tubs for each day of the event. During the preparation process of pulling all the collateral material together, I then place only items that I need for that day in the tub. When I seal the tubs for shipment to an event, I am completely organized. I simply line up the tubs by day and only pick the material from that day’s tub. I can’t tell you how much I have saved on handling charges and simple time on-site.”—Lorraine Bush, CMP, Stiles Machinery Inc.

“If attending a trade show or tabletops with hospitality vendors as exhibitors, put your meeting specs on the back of your business card (via a label). It saves you lots of time filling out forms and gives the impression you are really organized.”—M. Lance Miller, JD, CAE, CEO, Metal Treating Institute, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

“I plan trade shows and meetings and don’t attend the small ones. So, to keep everything organized and ensure that everyone who is handling tasks on-site does not miss anything, I provide check lists including a full inventory: number of boxes, what is in each, a daily check-list with every detail from making sure rooms are set when they need to be to signing BEOs on-site, and a packing list to make sure everything that needs to be sent back to office is sent back. This has been a success since I don’t have to worry about anything being missed on-site and the people handling the logistics at shows and meetings dont’ have to worry about forgetting to do something. Trade shows and meetings run smooth when everyone follows the lists.”—Jo Sudore Event Marketing Manager, Keithley Instruments, Cleveland, Ohio

“I always send a copy of the flight/shuttle manifest for my conference to my CSM at the hotel/resort. I create it in excel and sort it by arrival day and time. This helps the front desk and bell stand know when they are going to get hit the hardest and they can plan to have extra help. So far I haven’t had one hotel/resort that hasn’t liked having this information!”—Karen Freeman, Asst. VP, CMP, VSR Financial Services, Inc. Overland Park, Kansas

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