Delta Unveils Delta Edge Meetings Program

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Delta Air Lines

Starting Aug. 1, meeting planners with corporate accounts at Delta Air Lines will be able to book meeting travel using the same channels as part of the recently unveiled the Delta Edge Meetings program. The first-of-its-kind program allows companies with Delta corporate accounts to integrate meeting travel with their existing corporate sales agreements, making it easy for corporate travel managers to manage meetings with full visibility to travel spend on Delta.

Companies participating in the program will receive the same benefits under their corporate sales agreements—priority boarding, for instance—for the meeting travel they book. That means meeting planners can be sure all meeting attendees flying on Delta will receive the same benefits as their company’s business travelers, making the trip to the meeting that much easier.

Perhaps most importantly is that the program offers corporate travel managers Delta’s best available pricing by comparing Delta Edge Meetings discounts and the company’s corporate sales agreement discounts. Meeting travel also counts toward fulfilling the company’s expense targets under the corporate sales agreement.

The convergence of meeting travel with corporate travel management is expected to help save companies money and time. Once companies sign up for the program, travel managers will also have the option to receive reporting and other financial incentives from Delta, a helpful tool for meeting planners who continue to have to prove that event costs do not outweigh the value of meeting face-to-face.

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