5 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month 2024

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Tips from the LGBT Speakers Agency on how to celebrate Pride Month in the workplace.
Tips from the LGBT Speakers Agency on how to stand with Pride Month.

The LGBT Speakers Agency, a bureau based in London, was launched in 2020 with a collection of inspiring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender speakers available for planners to book across the globe. They advocate for celebrating Pride Month in the workplace, not only to increase inclusivity and retain talented LGBTQ+ employees, but also for companies to show the current generation of consumers that they are morally conscious. These values and actions also empower meetings and events.

Here are the bureau’s recommendations for ways that planners can celebrate Pride:

  1. Organize a charity fundraiser. One of the best ways to celebrate and support the Pride initiative is to take action that makes a genuine impact. Flying a rainbow flag takes a public stance, but if not not followed by action it could be considered performative. Giving time through group volunteering opportunities and CSR initiatives at meetings can also make an impact.
  2. Book an LGBTQ+ speaker. Their stories will empower and educate attendees.  Take boxing promoter turned transgender champion Kellie Maloney, for example—one of the bureau’s most popular speakers. Her speeches reveal the hardships she faced while coming out as a transgender woman and the importance of inclusivity.
  3. Offer an Inclusion Workshop. These hands-on training sessions teach attendees how to facilitate LGBTQ+ equality.
  4. Evaluate your company’s discrimination and diversity policies. People from different backgrounds are often at a higher risk of discriminatory behavior, whether intentional or not. Due to this, companies must have an efficient and strict discrimination policy in place to protect LGBTQ+ staff, as well as meeting and event attendees.
  5. Take a stand in your personal work space. Hanging rainbow flags and banners not only celebrates Pride Month, but it also takes a stand for equality that makes your LGBTQ+ colleagues feel represented.

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