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Cottonwood Pavilion

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa’s Cottonwoods Pavilion is situated just minutes away from the main resort and is nestled among the Rio Grande’s Cottonwood Forest, creating a private setting surrounded by the splendor of nature. The venue easily transforms from an indoor to outdoor space with floor-to-ceiling windows that open on to the Cottonwoods Patio.

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Hot Air Ballooning at Sunrise over Tamaya

Gentling gliding through the air in the basket of a hot air balloon, taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley, is something many just dream about. Excursions are offered through Rainbow Ryders who will pick your group up at the resort’s front door and in addition to this adventure of a lifetime, will arrange for a champagne toast and snack as well.

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Magical Reception at Oxbow Pool

There is no better setting for a reception than around the resort’s Oxbow pool. Located next to the House of the Hummingbird, an 8,600-sq.-ft. covered outdoor venue that resembles an ancient Pueblo ruin, the views here of the Tuyana Mesa are jaw-dropping.

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Sculpture That Greets our Guests in the Plaza of the Generations

At the entrance of the resort, a magnificent statue depicting the Tamayame people awaits. A grandmother dips water out of a pool, a young man is working a hoe in a cornfield, and a grandfather with two children depicts the tradition of storytelling, the customary way the Tamayame retell their history to each generation.

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Sunset Sandia Mountain Views from the Living Room Lobby

From the faint sounds of traditional flute music in the lobby to the slight aroma of sage, the Living Room lobby isn’t your typical hotel gathering spot. Add to that views of the Sandia Mountain that change at every turn, and you have an inviting area that is hard to leave.

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Trail Riding on Rescue Horses from the Stables at Tamaya

Its location on the Santa Ana Pueblo results in the Hyatt Regency Tamaya offering several unique activities for groups including its Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program non-profit organization. The program provides shelter, care, and rehabilitation to neglected and abandoned horses in New Mexico. Groups can arrange for interactive experiences with the horses, take part in teambuilding and volunteer activities, or sponsor a horse on behalf of their company. Horseback rides traverse the Southwestern terrain and explore the banks of the Rio Grande. Other activities not to miss include golf at the Twin Warriors Golf Club, treatments at the Tamaya Mist Spa, hiking and biking trails, rafting and jeep excursions, and fine dining. For more information, click here

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