Kinetically Friendly Meeting Design

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Meeting design
Meeting design can make or break a gathering.

One of the areas that must be addressed in meeting design is kinetic engineering, says Dianne Devitt, author of “What Color is Your Event? The Industry Resource on How to Think and Plan Creatively.” This encompasses designing an environment that supports flow, movement, kinesis, and physical access directed through design to branding experiences.

To be sure your meeting is kinetically friendly, ask yourself these questions.

What is the energy flow in the room?

How are the traffic patterns in the space?

What direction will people be moving in?

Where is the sun setting?

Are there obstructions? Or opportunities with columns and other building elements or adornments?

How will the physical placement of furniture, staging, food and beverage, displays, entrance, curb appeal, and audiovisual elements affect the first and last impressions?

Are you treating each of these as a part of the overall design down to the parking meter on the streets if transport is involved?

Are you allowing for people to sit, stand, dance, interact and learn, depending on the gathering?

Is there a quiet zone?

Is there white space?

Kinetic engineering is just one of the areas that must be fostered when planning successful and inspiring meetings and events. For other factors to keep in mind, download Devitt’s white paper, “Visual Dynamics & the Effect on Meeting Design,” by clicking here.


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