Collaboration, Haute Dokimazo Style

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The brilliant minds at Haute Dokimazo—creators of the Spontaneous Think Tank—will share their values around collaboration and much more during our webinar next week: The Secret to Innovative Events. 

We spoke with Haute Dokimazo President and Co-founder Nicole Osibodu about how what started as a desire to share meaningful moments with relevant people in the midst of an industry conference became a movement that catalyzed people into action. Collaboration, in its purest form.

“Haute Dokimazo is a simple concept: Genuine human connection, facilitated problem solving and authentic feedback,” she told Prevue.

The Haute ethos is rooted in The Five C’s: Care, Collaborate, Co-create, Converse and Connect, she said. They should be the framework for any engagement where you want to drive connection.

“We bring a collaboration mindset, where participants are free to bring their challenges and solutions to seek help, advice and guidance and share their experiences for the benefit of others. During collaboration, we uncover shared goals, leading to the co-creation of new initiatives and bringing in new perspectives and ideas. This is where business relationships begin.

“Collaboration is a team sport and participants need to bring a mindset that supports progress.”

Here are the keys to collaboration, Haute-Dokimazo style:

  • Openness. Welcoming others into your work, being accepting of differing perspectives and sharing freely.
  • Bravery. Being vulnerable and open to criticism requires being brave. Being brave allows us to try new things and encourages collaboration with others.
  • Trust. Collaboration is not possible without trust. It is imperative to create an environment that fosters trust and the values that the outcomes are prioritized over ego, acclaim and attribution.
  • Experimentation. Through openness, bravery and trust, we foster the willingness to experiment and try new things without fear of failure.
  • Transparency. Being open, feeling trusted and that participants can trust each other, and having the courage to be brave, allows us to be truly transparent in our work to collaborate more effectively.
  • Determination. Collaboration does not happen in isolation. All participants must opt in to the process, so as the creator of the experience, you need to be brave and determined.Communicate objectives clearly, share, trust, experiment and make magic!

    Sign up today for Prevue’s webinar featuring Nicole Osibodu, The Secret to Innovative Events, on June 30 at 1 p.m. EST.

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