Honesty, Authenticity Need to be at the Heart of CSR

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Authentically integrating your CSR values into your meetings and events is also no longer optional—it’s a necessity. 

The newest generation of workers are looking for meaning in their work. Not just on a day-to-day basis, but in the overall outlook of a company’s philanthropic mission. Where money used to be the prime deciding factor, CSR has evolved not only into a substantial way to impact local communities, but an effective tactic to incentivize younger people to stay with a company. When a company has a proven track record of supporting social impact causes, it gives a window into the bigger picture of a corporation’s overall objectives. 

 According to a survey by Deloitte in 2021:
“Aligning with Gen Zs’ and Millennials’ values is also key. Nearly two in 5 say they have rejected a job or assignment because it did not align with their values. Meanwhile, those who are satisfied with their employers’ societal and environmental impact, and their efforts to create a diverse and inclusive culture, are more likely to want to stay with their employer for more than 5 years.”  

As an example, one company had a sincere wish to give back to a cancer foundation not only because it aligned with their industry, but because a treasured colleague lost their fight with cancer. In another instance, an executive wanted to donate stuffed animals to kids because his wife was the recipient of one when they experienced complications during the birth of their first child.

Design programs with that emotional note at the forefront and a genuine desire to improve others’ lives and your CSR will create lasting memories for both the attendees and the participants. 

For many more examples and insights, don’t miss our webinar, “A New Era of CSR and Teambuilding” on Thursday June 2 at 1 p.m. EST, featuring Alan Ranzer, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Impact 4 Good; Joanna Berens, President, Sustainable Events Network; and Jaclyn Bernstein, President & Owner, Empire Force Events

And keep a lookout for a new Prevue white paper on “A New Era of CSR and Teambuilding”co-authored by Alan Ranzer and Tom Farndon, which will also be released on June 2.

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Barbara Scofidio is Editor of Prevue and heads up the Visionary Summits, our exclusive conference series targeting senior-level meeting and incentive planners. In her 30 years in the industry, she has become known for her passion around greening meetings, growing awareness of human trafficking and promoting CSR activities as part of business events. She is currently a member of SITE's Women IN Leadership committee and the media liaison for FICP's Education Committee. She was the first member of the media ever to be invited to sit on a committee by GBTA, where she spent three years on the Groups and Meetings Committee. She has also been an active member of SITE for 30 years, chairing its Crystal Awards committee and acting as a judge. Before joining Prevue in 2014, she served as Editor of Corporate Meetings & Incentives (MeetingsNet) for more than 20 years. She has a BA in Literature/Rhetoric from Binghamton University. Barbara is based outside Boston, in Groton, Mass.