7 Cool AI Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard About (Yet)

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ai toolThere’s more to useful event-planning AI tools than ChatGPT. Here are a few more you may not yet have heard about. At least, not yet.

When OpenAI launched AI chatbot ChatGPT in November 2022, meeting and event organizers were quick to check it out. Sure, it’s handy for a lot of things, such as generating content for event websites, summarizing session descriptions, and developing marketing materials.

But despite the buzz, it’s far from the only useful AI tool for businesses like event planning. It’s not even the only conversational AI tool that does exactly what ChatGPT does.

Here are a few ChatGPT alternatives you may want to check out, plus some other super-handy AI tools that could become regulars in your planning toolbox.

ChatGPT Alternatives

Chatsonic: Powered by the same GPT-4 engine as the latest version of ChatGPT, Chatsonic is a free alternative that can do most of what ChatGPT does — but it can also pull data in real time, something that the more popular AI tool can’t do since it was trained on data ending in 2021. It also can generate images using Stable Diffusion and DALL-E APIs, which could come in handy for event marketing materials, websites and perhaps creative on-site signage. The bad news is that it’s offered on a freemium basis, so if you want to use more than the minimum free services, you will have to pay.

YouChat: This AI tool, supported by GPT-3.5 technology, works similarly to ChatGPT except that it is embedded into You.com’s search engine rather than being a standalone AI tool. So in addition to using it as a conversational AI chatbot, you also can use it as a search tool to get links relevant to your prompts. However, YouChat is limited to responses based on data that cuts off in 2021 but, unlike ChatGPT, instead of saying it can’t answer more recent questions, it may take a stab answering the prompt anyway — which may or may not be correct.

Bing AI Chat: Also known as Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing, this AI tool also is powered by GPT-4. Like Chatsonic, and unlike ChatGPT, Bing’s AI tool can pull real-time data from the internet. The downside is that you have to add your name to a waitlist to access the chatbot — and there are millions already ahead of you in line.

Google Bard AI: While this AI tool sounds promising, it isn’t yet available to the general public, so not much to say about it yet. But keep your eye out for when Google is done with testing and rolls it out to the public.

Other Useful Event AI Tools

Pictory: If you don’t have a talented video editor on staff to help put together that stunning highlight reel to run before the general session and on your event website, Pictory could be the AI tool you need to check out. This AI video generator doesn’t require users to have any experience in video editing or design to create shareable video highlight reels, edit videos using text (great for editing webinars, podcasts and recorded live content), or create a video from text prompts (or even articles or blog posts).

Jasper: This AI writing assistant could give ChatGPT a run for its money when it comes to creating event-related content. It can create long-form content, such as articles, as well as blog posts, email, marketing materials, press releases and social media ads, all based on your text prompts. It also supports 25 languages, so it could come in handy for events with an international audience.

Fireflies: This may be more for attendees than planners, but it still could come in handy for planning pre- and post-cons, as well as anytime you need to record notes from any voice-based conversation. You can record, transcribe and search voice conversations IRL or on any web-conferencing platform. You also can add comments and post notes on specific parts of conversations to help teams move the conversation forward.

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