Creative Uses for Drones

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DronesAmong the tools introduced in recent years to make events safer and more enjoyable, drone technology has shown the most promise.

Drones can be used for many purposes, from event security to marketing. Here are some specifics:

Event security

Drones are an essential part of security operations for any large in-person event. For example, drones can provide a much better image and understanding of a crowd than the human eye could ever achieve. A bird’s-eye view allows the operator to see everyone in the crowd, creating a situation in which they can proactively respond to any threats or situations before they even arise.

Site mapping

Drones also can conduct site mapping much more efficiently and effectively. The level of detail they can create when equipped with specialized camera attachments is much more substantial than any human-created site map could offer. This capability can be enormously beneficial in the planning stages of an event.


Drone shows are a unique, technologically-advanced spectacle that appeals to both young and old audiences. Some shows even utilize specially designed units that have been decorated to make them look like popular images from pop culture. These capabilities allow drone shows to draw additional attention and visitors to a conference.


Drones can also provide a creative marketing and promotions tool. Ultimately, air transportation has long been a part of marketing and promotion. For example, think of banners carried by airplanes at sporting events or iconic blimp marketing campaigns. Teams of drones could be used similarly at conferences to promote sponsors, creating another form of revenue for these events.


In the past, conferences have primarily focused on in-person, communal gatherings, but the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown presented a unique obstacle for live events. While these events have been able to return to in-person settings, the globalization that remote alternatives brought has created a more interconnected community — largely thanks to this technology.

Brendon Bartholomew is president of Vector Solutions.

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