Caesars Entertainment Global Wellness Challenge is a Win Win

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Keep track of your steps for Caesars Entertainment Global Wellness Challenge

To celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 10, Caesars Entertainment has launched a competition with bucket list prizes. 

Wellness is on everyone’s radar these days. We know that staying fit is an important part of the picture for health and sanity, but how do meeting planners do it with exhausting work hours?  It’s often by walking, which science has shown boosts our physical and mental health in countless ways. It’s easy to keep track of our steps on a daily basis. And now, in recognition of Global Wellness Day on June 10, Casears Entertainment is offering a chance to up your fitness game and be handsomely rewarded for those hard-earned steps.

How The Competition Works

Caesars Entertainment Global Wellness Challenge Powered by Heka Health starts on June 9 and ends on June 10. Here’s how to sign up and participate:

• Download the “Heka Well” app.

• Launch “Challenge” and select the “Caesars Global Wellness” from the list. Then pair your supported activity tracker: iPhone, Android phone, Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin are all supported.

• When the competition starts on June 9, start walking! To sync your step data to the app, select “Tap to sync steps” at the top of the dashboard. It’s advisable to sync your step data at least one more time during the  24 hour period and before the end time to make sure all your steps count.

• There are four ways to add thousands of extra bonus points. Once the wellness challenge has started, click “Bonus Activities” in the app and make your selections. “Chat” connects you with other participants to share your wellness stories and photos. Write three things you are grateful for each day in the “Gratitude Journal.” The “Yoga” selection connects to an in-app yoga video session with points awarded upon completion of the practice. Click “Donate to the MPI Foundation” ​to learn about the MPI Foundation and automatically receive 1,000 bonus points. 

Wellness Prizes

Not only will participants have fun celebrating Global Wellness Day, but they’ll also have the chance to win great prizes. Everyone in the final top 10 of the cumulative leaderboard  will be entered into a drawing for a wellness package at Caesars Palace, staying in a deluxe king room overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Two of many included amenities are a “Neon and Nature” helicopter tour and dinner for two at world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu Restaurant. Participants who have earned more than 25,000 cumulative points will be entered into a drawing for a Lake Tahoe retreat package at stylish Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, and those exceeding 15,000 cumulative points will be entered into a drawing for an Atlantic City getaway at luxurious Caesars Atlantic City. And everyone with more than 7,500 cumulative points will be entered into a drawing for one of twenty Caesars swag bags.

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