The Delegate Wranglers: A New Way to Round Up Business

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delegate wranglers
The Delegate Wranglers is an industry-wide community that supports its members with a new way to do business.

The Delegate Wranglers launched nine years ago as a UK–­based meetings and hospitality community that collaborates to win business, look for peer recommendations and solve common problems. Now a global group — after expanding throughout Europe, it now has launched separate communities for the U.S., Canada and Asia — the Delegate Wranglers has around 20,000 members throughout the worldwide supply chain who can answer questions about destinations, venues, technology, food and beverage, and event legal and insurance issues. Oh, and according to its website, it drives millions of dollars of business every month.

The Delegate Wranglers is strictly for collaboration among business professionals, so those who would join to get help with planning their nephew’s wedding or parents’ 50th anniversary party will be politely declined. “This helps to avoid being overrun with requests such as a cake for great auntie Fran’s 100th birthday or a personalized dog collar for my sister’s boyfriend’s dog, etc. — you get the drift!” explains the group on its FAQ page. Referrals for professional colleagues to join are welcome, and the group also accepts a small number of relevant students each month. Interested meeting and hospitality professionals can apply at this link.

The Delegate Wranglers, which can be found at its website, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, is strictly moderated to ensure that all posts are not just focused on providing live leads and business connections, but also free of memes, general discussions and debates, and negative posts and comments. “As a rule there is certainly no room for sarcasm or hostility, rants, nor comments of an aggressive nature on the group. We have no hesitation in removing/blocking members who we feel no longer are appropriate for the group,” according to the website, though the moderators are glad to help if you’re not sure whether or not a post would be appropriate for the Delegate Wranglers forum.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t solicit business. The Delegate Wranglers includes specified times when freelancers, suppliers and other related businesses can introduce themselves, their products and services, special offers and even industry events and FAM trips. Members also can list their event, FAM, product launch or other related opportunity on its Event Calendar, and list their businesses in either the Freelancers or Suppliers Directories. To maximize sharing and networking, the group also also offers a newsletter, The Insider, and hosts regular socials. For job seekers and those seeking event and related professional staffers, The Delegate Wranglers has an industry jobs board on its websiteWe now have events industry jobs posted on its website, as well as on a Delegate Wranglers Job List Facebook page and a weekly jobs newsletter.

The Standard Plan is available free of charge for both freelancers and suppliers. For an additional fee, you also can sign up to be part of the enhanced DW Superstars and Superstars Premium programs.

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