New Year’s Resolutions Straight From 2017’s Most Buzzworthy Headlines

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If we can all agree on anything this year, it’s that 2017 was full of buzzworthy news stories that seemed to only get more complex as the year continued.

While hurricanes and a divisive political climate sparked controversy, there was a silver lining that brought out three valuable lessons for meeting planners to turn into New Year’s resolutions in the coming year.

Don’t Always Read What’s Written

The year started out with a major faux pas at the Academy Awards when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner for Best Picture. Moral of the story: Trust in yourself, and don’t always read what’s written on the card, especially if you’re speaking at a major event.

It’s OK to Say “No”

Time magazine’s Person (or Persons) of the Year were “The Silence Breakers,” a group of women who spoke out against sexual harassment in the workplace. As these stories unfolded throughout 2017, one lesson remained. It’s important when to say “no” in the workplace, even if you think it will become a major obstacle for your career.

Invest in Yourself

Bitcoin’s value grew rapidly this year, shining light on the trend of digital currency. Not only did people quickly realize the importance of investing, but also in the importance of self worth. Remember to invest in yourself and ask to be paid what you’re worth. You just may get it.

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