These 3 Summer Movies Give a Holler to Diversity

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Jurassic Park; Photo Credit: Marco Becerra

Hidden among the excitement of these summer movies is a treasure trove of tips for navigating meetings diversity.

We point to three forthcoming flicks that can surely help you can gain insights on how to not only expect but embrace and celebrate diversity at your meetings and events.

“Ocean’s 8”

Debbie Ocean (Danny Ocean’s estranged sister, played by Sandra Bullock) leads the female version of “Ocean’s 11” on a heist to steal jewels from the Met Gala, in lieu of targeting casinos like Danny’s team. As in every Ocean movie, the team uses the strengths of each individual team member to get the job done. An events team can work similarly if you know each of your team member’s strengths, even beyond the typical meeting planning duties. For instance, a talented artist or musician on staff could come in handy if your entertainment is late.

“A Kid Like Jake”

A couple (played by Claire Danes and Jim Parsons) raise their son in Brooklyn, N.Y., and realizes that his affinity for princesses and dolls may be more than just a phase. The movie takes viewers on a journey of personhood that addresses stereotypes and how to handle them. “A Kid Like Jake” is an obvious lesson on how to expect diversity in meetings and events, which is especially important for ensuring that attendees who are in the minority feel welcomed, respected and appreciated.

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

Chris Pratt is at it again. This time, the Jurassic dinosaurs have been brought to a sanctuary in the US where they are being auctioned off and used to make other “improved” hybrid dinosaurs—until the Indoraptor escapes. The lesson: not everything or everyone needs to be improved upon. Perfectionism is a common trait for meeting planners, but sometimes, it’s just as important to know when to stop and turn to the popular adage, “less is more.”

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