6 LinkedIn Groups Every Event Professional Should Join

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LinkedIn; Photo Credit: LinkedIn Sales Navigator/Unsplash

With each new year, one of the most common goals for event professionals is to become more involved in professional development and meetings-specific organizations—so what better place to look than LinkedIn?

Here are six LinkedIn Groups that every event professional should look into joining for insider tips, educational articles and an online community that serves as a sounding board.

Event Planning & Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals

With more than 375,000 members, this is the largest event professional group on LinkedIn, and it comes from Event Manager Blog.

Event Pros

This is the second-largest event community on LinkedIn with almost 150,000  members. This group is worldwide, but it’s conducted in English. Its “Events Digest” offers the best in news, article tips and videos for the events industry.

Event and Hospitality Industry Network by Cvent

Cvent already brings together planners and suppliers in its tool, but this LinkedIn group they created takes that to the next level. Its network of about 21,154 members comes together to discuss the latest industry trends and offer encouragement to one another.

Career Advice for Event Planning & Management

Anyone with a meeting planner career advice question should turn to this LinkedIn Group, which outlines important do’s and don’ts of the job.

Sales & Marketing Tips & Strategies for Event Planners, Meeting Planners & Event Managers

This group evolved from the Event Planning & Event Management group to hone in on offering specifically sales and marketing tips for planners in the industry.

Event Marketing Pros

Another group geared towards event marketing, this group has almost 20,000 members and offers similar marketing tips.

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