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job market

The Lowdown on the 2024 Event Prof Job Market

Placement pro Dawn Penfold provides insights into what meeting and event professionals can expect to find in today’s job market.
planner podcast

20 Planner Podcasts to Boost Your Business Savvy

Podcasts for, by and about meetings and events professionals are proliferating — there seems to be at least one for every possible planner need. Here are 19 of our favorite planner podcasts.
neu project

Neu Project Aims to Make Events More Neurodiverse

The recently launched Neu Project seeks to make events more inclusive for every type of brain, including the neurodivergent.
mental health

LinkedIn Community for Meeting Planner Mental Health

Events Minds Matter is a LinkedIn community formed to help provide support for event professionals facing mental health challenges.
LinkedIn, event professionals, professional groups, social media, meeting tips, industry news

6 LinkedIn Groups Every Event Professional Should Join

Here are six LinkedIn Groups that every event professional should look into joining for insider tips, educational articles and an online community.

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