Feng Shui Colors Inspire Event Design

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Feng Shui Colors; Photo Credit: The Breakers

Every space has a life of its own, and you can craft the desired experience of your conference, meeting or event by the color palette you select.

The five elements of Feng Shui are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. These elements are symbolic of the forces at work within the universe, and they impact our minds, our bodies and our lives. Each element represents a component of nature, and each element is represented by a color. Every color has a vibration associated with it and a feeling. Think of expressions that we commonly use like, “She saw red!” or “I feel blue.” These are examples of how, subconsciously, we know that colors can express and influence our emotions. The colors we choose for our events affect our mood, our ability to focus, to learn and even influence the decisions that we make.

Here’s how meeting planners can use the five elements of Feng Shui and the colors that represent them to enhance their next event.

Earth is Yellow

Yellow is the color of sunshine and washes us with optimism and clear thinking. Design your interior with yellow, and attendees will convene and have lively discussions. Conversation will flow and there will be a general feeling of well being. Carefully select from a variety of shades of yellow for a focused, organized and well-received meeting for your attendees.

Metal is White

White has the fastest vibration of all the colors in the spectrum. White symbolizes purity and holds the power to transform. It is also like a blank canvas, which gives us the ability to be creative and boosts imagination. White can be used in any room successfully. However, if the room is completely decorated in white it will feel sterile and uncomfortable.

Water is Black

Black symbolizes going within—deep, dark and quiet—it is like winter. In some cultures, black is the color of mourning and often the color worn by spiritual leaders who explore the inner world. Black is a wonderful choice when used as an accessory or accent. However, a black room would be too dark and overwhelming for most events.

Wood is Green

Green is the color of rebirth and growth. It is a fresh start, a new day, an opportunity to begin again. I call it a pillow for the eyes as it is the most restful color for us to look at. Green works for any room and is often used in hospitals because of its healing properties. Like a walk through a forest, it fosters feelings of balance, harmony and hope.

Fire is Red

Red is the color of passion, but beware! If you use too much red in a room, you may find it difficult to focus. Any interior washed in red will be exciting, but it also can ignite temper tantrums and arguments. A red dining room will intensify appetites. In a fitness center, it can increase personal strength. When washed in red, a meeting room will bring lots of activity. If you suspect your attendees will be feeling lethargic on the second or third day at a conference, red is a good choice to surprise and invigorate them.

Consider the energies of the colors you select when designing your meetings, events and conferences. Environmental Psychology and the use of colors impact our emotions and when used skillfully can contribute to a successful meeting. Events are experienced the way they are designed.

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