I Unwind After an Event By…

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What I Know

“The best way for me to unwind is with sleep! Then, I like to take a Cardio Barre class in the morning to regain balance. I enjoy being busy, but after a program, it is comforting to spend some time with my family and especially my four-year-old daughter. She likes to help us plan our time together, and I allow her to create our own ‘Mommy and Me’ adventure. This enables her to understand a little bit about what I do for a living. I give her my full attention to help plan a memorable day and see some of the countless sights around SoCal.” — Elizabeth Giron, director of sales, Bixel & Company

“I recommend blocking the day after or a time after for self care and pampering. A yoga class. Juicing for nutrients. A spa treatment massage. It’s important to have personal time to reconnect with reality and balance.” — Dianne Devitt, The DND Group Inc.

“I recommend blocking the day after or a time after for self care and pampering.”

“It would be easy to say [that I unwind] at the bar! For me, I like to look at the business cards I collected and the photos I took and enjoy the satisfaction of fun that was had and the new people I have met.”  —David Jefferys, president and CEO of the Altus Agency and founder of the LGBT Meeting Professional Association

“Connecting to nature is vital to my well being. Getting out to the beach, the mountains or the woods is where I unwind, refresh and restore. As soon as I arrive my blood pressure drops, my breath slows and deepens, and I feel happy. This is why my life’s work is bringing these elements into interiors spaces for conferences, meetings and events.” —Debra Duneier, president, LEED GA, of EcoChi

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