3 Tech Trends to Take Over Meetings in 2017

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Tech Trends

Last year, Meetings Technology Speaker Corbin Ball predicted that virtual reality would begin to grow in 2016, while also highlighting the importance of wearable smart devices and event data management.

While several of these trends will continue into 2017, Ball has come out with yet another list of tech trends to takeover next year. Here are at least three that meeting planners can expect:

Social Media Channels Turn to Video

Social media channels will continue to focus on video and live streaming in 2017. Facebook Live, Instagram Story and Snaphchat Story are just a few examples of how channels have already started enhancing their video offerings in recent years.

Tech Companies to Offer Holistic Planning Solutions

As meeting planners continue to look for one software solution to manage all the needs of their event, more event software tools have begun to emerge that attempt to offer beginning-to-end, event-planning software solutions. Instead of creating one massive tool, however, event tech companies such as Lanyon and Cvent have opted to acquire some of these different tools under their corporate umbreallas in hopes of offering meeting planners a one-stop-shop service.

Facial Recognition to Measure Attendee Engagement

Face recognition systems are already available to determine someone’s gender, age, ethnicity and even mood. Technologies such as Sightcorp’s CrowdStats Audience Analytics will start to become popular in the meetings industry, giving meeting planners tools to measure engagement, demographics and sentiment.

For the full list of trends, read the article, “Seven Meetings Technology Trends to Watch for 2017,” on Corbin Ball’s website.

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