What Will the Next Generation of Exhibit Booths Look Like?

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Exhibit booths

Imagine exhibitors arrive at a trade show without anything being shipped prior to their arrival.

Instead, their trade-show booth is constructed from a large, mobile 3D printer, using eco-friendly materials. Paper-thin LED screens and virtual reality headsets complete the next-generation booth where attendees are transported to a completely different destination or virtual reality realm. Even more, meeting planners and exhibitors work together to create engaging visuals, messaging and themes throughout the exhibit space that change based on each individual attendee’s needs and communication style.

These are just a few possibilities that experts from Freeman believe are possible for the exhibit booth of the future. A recent article published on the Freeman site provides an in-depth discussion behind these four ways that planners can execute the next generation of exhibit booths.

Get Smart

With the rise of cloud computing, exhibitors will be able to access complete data sets and ROI stats in real time to help create the best experience for everyone involved on the trade-show floor: planner, exhibitor and attendee.

Go Green

Everything from the use of 3D-printed booths and booths made of recycled materials to, believe it or not, edible booths will leave attendees questioning how trade shows were ever considered wasteful.

Co-sponsored Exhibit Booths

Sharing trade show booths will allow exhibitors to enhance personalization and engagement tactics to attract attendees.

The Non-booth Booth

Virtual reality could eventually make the idea of exhibit booths obsolete by providing immersive experiences in a compact setting.

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