Mobile Matchmaking Sparks Powerful Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

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Data jam session, photo credit: Open.Michigan @ flickr

Millennials, you may have heard by now, love peer-learning opportunities.

But how can you encourage more knowledge sharing at events for all generations?

Christine Renaud is CEO of E-180, a tech company offering web and mobile matchmaking tools to connect people interested in learning from each other, one-on-one, in person. Using an E-180 app, for instance, attendees can set up “Brain Dates” with each other at events, which is what attendees did at C2 Montreal 2015, the groundbreaking business conference on creativity and commerce.

Renaud says event planners often sabotage their peer-learning initiatives by not leaving enough time in an event schedule for peer-learning to occur, or overstimulating participants with too many things going on at the same time, “implicitly sending the message that peer-learning is not that important.”

Another useful insight for meeting planners:. “We’ve discovered that while physically at a conference, attendees are mostly interested in discovering and learning from new people. However, once they are back in the context of their daily professional lives, they are much more focused on deepening existing relationships.”

Check out her advice at “The Five Core C’s in Bustling Peer-Learning Communities.”

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