Tablets Are a Planner’s Best Friend

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Configuring tablets for event planning is easier than one would think, photo credit: Jonas Smith @ flickr

If you are still managing mountains of paper as part of your meeting planner’s job, you might want to check out The New Event Binder for the Digital Age, a blog post from David Jacobs, digital marketing and systems manager for MeetGreen.

Jacobs offers tips on configuring tablets for event planning and describes how the team at MeetGreen, a long-time leader in sustainable events, transitioned to tablets for conference logistics.

“Moving to tablets saves us a great deal of time in preparation, saves paper, and allows MeetGreen to have a more dynamic logistical system than can be updated in real-time. If we update a site guide, our entire team has the change immediately,” Jacobs says.

He gives tips on how to best configure the tablets and what apps you can add to make using the tablets for conference logistics even more effective. But alas, a paper trail will still be necessary, Jacobs says. “As much as we love all the cool, new digital technology, always have one paper copy of all your important documents for the event, just in case the unexpected happens.”

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