Planning for Diversity? Take a Look at Your Own Backyard

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What’s in your own backyard? Photo credit: Spiva Center for the Arts @flickr

Meeting planners by now are well-coached on how to cater to the needs of attendees with special dietary needs or accessibility requirements.

But for many, there’s not enough guidance on planning for diversity, or how to make the content and the rest of their programming elements more appealing to a diverse array of attendees.

Kristen Carvalho, Senior Content & Social Media Manager, etouches offers some help with this in “4 Steps for Implementing Diversity at Events,” which explores the overall lack of diversity in our industry. Kristen recommends taking a look at what’s in your own back yard as the first steps in understanding how to create programs that expect diversity.

“When assembling your team, try and have diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, personalities and genders. This makes sure that you have thought of everything when it comes to planning your event. Think about your own group of friends, you are not all alike because that would be boring. You have a difference of opinions and ideas that make you see things in a new light. Set up your event team like that.”

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