4 Ways to Create Continuing Education Classes that Appeal to Millennials

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It’s no surprise that technology affects how millennials learn in a continuing education (CE) setting.

Here are four things to consider when creating CE classes that are geared towards this younger demographic in the meetings industry.


Millennials like to work and access content from any location possible, whether it be on the subway ride to work or at the coffee shop at lunchtime. This even applies to educational content, so structuring lessons in shorter segments to capture this audience at any given time of day is key. That can include short videos or digestible chapters that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.


This generation likes to collaborate or network, both online and in person. In order to maximize the collaboration time, instructors should consider giving students assignments ahead of time so that they can come to class for discussions in a more collaborative learning approach. It can also give them time for more individualized learning, allowing for students to ask questions about the material before class. Even better, create an online forum for students to discuss the material amongst themselves.


Creating game-like, interactive opportunities for students to learn from is proven to enhance student engagement, especially among this generation of learners. Whether it’s creating a game in the classroom or an app online, offering students incentives or leaderboards will only add to their enthusiasm about the learning materials.

Online Credentials

Because this generation is so invested in tech and social media, offering an online credential or badge that students can add to their social media profiles or websites will go a long way. Plus, it will create buzz about the CE program class itself.

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