Grab Millennials’ Attention with Small Business & Finance Talks

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If you’re always trying to find fresh educational sessions to engage millennial attendees during a meeting, two recent reports may help with the answer: Millennials are thirsty for financial and small business education.

One new study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits surveyed 1,242 employees with 401k plans at a variety of workplaces across the country. It reported that 67 percent of millennials say financial stress overtakes their ability to focus and be productive at work—more than twice as likely as the 32 percent of baby boomers who worry about the same thing. That same millennial age group spends an average of four hours a week at work focusing on their finances, twice as much as Generation Xers and four times as much as baby boomers. Even more, 68 percent of millennials reported that financial stress has a negative effect on their physical health (compared to 51 percent of baby boomers).

Another report released on May 31 by America’s SBDC, the association that represents the country’s small business development centers, surveyed 1,011 adults between the ages of 21 to 65. It showed that nearly a third of millennials have already started some kind of business, versus 19 percent of baby boomers and 22 percent of Gen Xers. Almost half (49 percent) of millennials reported that they wanted to start their own business in the next three years, and 54 percent would quit their job to start a business in the next six months with the right resources.

Since millennials are focused on finance and small business enterprises, here are five top finance and business speakers that may just spark their attention at your next event.

Kevin O’Leary

This educational software mogul who launched The Learning Company in 1993 with no money is now a judge on ABC’s “Shark Tank” reality show, where he invests in entrepreneurs deemed to have potential.

Dambisa Moyo

This global economist and author analyzes the macroeconomy and international affairs. Her work advising companies, corporate boards and CEOs on investment decisions, capital allocation and risk management has taken her to more than 70 countries throughout the last decade.

Marcus Lemonis

This CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises leads about 6,000 employees in more than 100 U.S. cities. His passion for business also helped him land a role in CNBC’s “The Profit” reality series.

Lauren Templeton

Author and investment expert, Templeton specializes in global value investing, behavioral finance, freedom and free enterprise. She also co-authored “Investing the Templeton Way: The Market Beating Strategies of Value Investing Legendary Bargain Hunter,” which has been translated into nine languages.

Michio Kaku

A renowned futurist, this theoretical physicist and bestselling author applies the latest research in science to predict trends affecting business, commerce and finance.

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