Take Advantage of User-Generated Content at Your Event

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User-generated content; Photo Credit: David Calderon/Unsplash

Social media is no longer simply a social platform, as millennials continue to use it to their advantage to drive the narrative of brands and even events.

This is a good thing for meeting planners, especially ones who have tight budgets with very little funds for content marketing. As influencer marketing continues to gain momentum, you better believe that user-generated content can be more effective. In fact, studies have shown 84 percent of millennials report that user-generated content on a company’s website has influence on their purchasing decisions, and that’s 70 percent for Baby Boomers. And it doesn’t cost planners a thing, with the exception of hiring someone to facilitate the content for you.

Here are four ways to use user-generated content effectively for your next event.

Make It a Wall

A social media wall at an event is an effective tool because it encourages people to post about your event in real time, while also providing an innovative backdrop. It also adds a bit of authenticity to your event brand. Keep in mind that these posts can also be used long after the event is over.

Or Put It on the Big Screen

Even better, if your event is at an amphitheater or stadium, put social media posts on the big screen. Attendees love getting the chance to have their two minutes of fame.

Partner With Influencers

Do you have a couple of fans? And do those fans have a couple-thousand fans? If so, reach out to them to see if they’d be interested in becoming a brand advocate. That way, they get perks at your event, and you can get a whole lot of coverage for very little cost.

Just Ask

Before, during and after your event, simply ask attendees to promote the event. Have a simple hashtag to remember and display that hashtag on the centerpieces, at the bar, on the wall, wherever you think makes sense, so that attendees don’t have to wonder what it is. The more available it is, the more encouraged they will be to generate content about your event.

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