The Social Issue Currently Impacting My Planning Process Is…

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What I Know, social issue, meeting planning, strikes, hurricanes
What I Know; Photo Credit: Charly Whisky

“The largest social issue that has been impacting the planning process [for me] is staying in tune with the latest news updates. As everyone is connected to worldwide news, it is imperative that the planner and team are up-to-date with what the media is portraying. An example that just happened within our team is during Hurricane Florence. Even though our conference was taking place in Savannah, Ga., with blue sky, attendees flying in from other areas were seeing on the news how terrible the weather was in neighboring areas. By understanding how the area is being portrayed in the media helps us as the planners understand the thoughts and concerns of attendees when it comes to safety when traveling.” Kari Messenger, CMP, meetings manager, Association Management Center

“it is imperative that the planner and team are up-to-date with what the media is portraying.”

“Right now, strikes and the threat of strikes are having the biggest impact. Unfortunately, very few of my clients have negotiated an actual strike clause into their contract, so they are largely dependent on the word ‘strike’ in the force majeure clause and that only applies if the strike makes it ‘illegal, impossible or impracticable’ (depending on the wording of the contract) for the hotel to perform. And most hotels are performing with management or replacement workers. Without a strike clause that says the group can terminate the contract in case of striking workers, an objection to meeting at a hotel whose union workers do not have a signed contract isn’t generally sufficient to terminate the contract.” —Tyra Hilliard, Esq, PhD, CMP, attorney college educator and frequent industry speaker

“Going ‘green’ by using no/less paper, managing F&B more carefully to eliminate/reduce waste, integrating health and wellness activities into all agendas and selecting healthier food options.” —Andrea Cannistraci, president and founder of andgreat

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