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Business Events Industry Week

Mark Your Calendars: Business Events Industry Week 2024

Business Events Industry Week heads to Washington, D.C., April 8-11 for a week-long showcase of the $1 trillion-plus global business events industry.
ICCA sustainability report

Sustainability Report: Still MIA in RFPs

Planners say sustainability is a key consideration when planning their events, but according to a new sustainability report, it’s still not generally incorporated into their RFPs.
association cities

The Top Cities for Association Meetings

Vienna tops the list of cities that are hot spots for post-pandemic association meetings and events.
association survey

Survey: Sustainability Is the Top Challenge for Associations

Just-released ICCA survey uncovers new challenges for associations posed by today’s economic and political environment.
ICCA's 2021 destination ranking report of international association meetings showed Vienna as number 1 overall.

ICCA Analysis of Worldwide Association Meetings in 2021: A Steady Recovery

The 2021 ICCA Ranking - Destination Performance Index (DPI) report categorized 8000 international association meetings based on pandemic impacts.
statement of support

Ukraine Gets Strong Support from Events Industry Organizations

Events industry organizations have been unanimous in condemning the Russian invasion and expressing support for the people of Ukraine.
predatory conferences

Predatory Conferences An Issue

Predatory conferences position themselves as the real thing but lack quality and respectability. What can meeting planners do?

ICCA Report Reveals the Best Places for Associations to Meet

Every year, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) compiles data on where international association meetings were held, and the 2018 rankings are in.

ICCA’s Association Meetings

Close to 150 association planners from 32 countries gathered in Fukuoka, Japan, this past month for the International Congress and Convention (ICCA) Association's Association Meetings Program (AMP).
meeting, security

9 Steps to a Strong Security Plan

It's important to evaluate each potential crisis situation in terms of location, area, transport travel route, city, or country.

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