5 “Musts” Your International Meeting Itinerary Might Be Missing

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Taking a group abroad can be daunting, as attendees who haven’t traveled much internationally will have several questions about preparation. That’s why sending out a very detailed itinerary including destination information and common expectations can be a huge time saver for you and your attendees. Here are five “musts” to include in your international meeting itinerary that will help everyone be better prepared for the meeting abroad.

Travel Requirements

Some countries require a visa or other paperwork to enter. Attendees must have a minimum of two blank pages in his or her passport, which also must be valid six months past the return date of the attendee.

Cultural Customs

It’s important to note significant cultural customs for attendees to follow. In the Middle East for instance, some women feel uncomfortable shaking the hands of men they don’t know, even in professional settings. Everything from tipping etiquette to business-card etiquette is also helpful.

Clothing Suggestions

It’s always helpful to list the attire required for a business meeting. If you’re planning a team building adventure, note that attendees can wear jeans or a swimsuit. Same goes if they need to plan for a formal affair. In some countries, it’s include what dress is considered appropriate or inappropriate. For instance, women must have their shoulders and head covered when entering a mosque in Dubai.

Weather Preparation

While it seems obvious that attendees would check the weather before traveling, it never hurts to include a reminder about local temperatures and seasonal weather patterns. An example: Peak hurricane months in the Caribbean are August through October.

Medical Advice

If vaccinations are required or highly suggested, absolutely include this information in the itinerary. People are always on edge when it comes to medical concerns, so make sure to make this section very detailed, answering any uncertainties when it comes to medical care abroad. Also include whether or not the local water is safe to drink in this section. If not, explain to attendees where and how they can get water.

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