5 Tips to Find Personal Branding Success

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Personal branding; Photo Credit: nyphotographic.com

With dozens of social media outlets to choose from, today’s corporate world almost demands that professionals build their own personal brand.

Whether you or the head of a large corporation or a freelancer, building that brand will help define your role in the industry. It will also help you become more personable to sponsors, investors and clients interested in doing business with you. Here are five tips towards finding personal branding success.

Make the Most of Social Media

Having an online presence is one of the initial ways that people will come in contact with your brand. That said, make sure your social media channels and About Me page of your website are current. Then, make sure to be active and personable. While simply interacting will help get attention for your personal brand, creating communities related to your professional industry will help gain attention that lasts.

Share Useful Content

While being on social media and creating communities is a great start, it’s only just the beginning when it comes to brand awareness. Creating useful articles, photos and videos that can be shared will also help your brand gain notoriety.

Remain in the Know

It’s also important to stay up-to-date on current industry trends and relevant academic articles and research. If you’re going to create content, it might as well include sources and statistics that are relevant. That way, people will start to trust your brand as an expert in the field.

Support Causes

Because news travels fast, one of the best ways to standout is having strong corporate social responsibility (CSR)—and even better, making those CSR efforts known. This could include anything from raising awareness for a cause to volunteering to donating money. It will be even more memorable if you choose something that fits your brand.

Meet Face to Face

Nothing helps a brand like putting a face to a name. The tried-and-true option of networking can really go a long way in developing your brand, especially if you attend industry-specific events.

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