8 Calm & Chaotic Branding Trends to Elevate 2019 Events

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2019 events

Some of the key trends in branding this year focus on how businesses can use technology, mindfulness and top-of-mind social issues to disrupt lagging marketing messaging.

Isobar Canada calls them “calm & chaotic” branding trends. Here are eight of the biggest North American disruptors to inspire your 2019 events.

Video on Demand

On the chaotic side of Isobar’s trends is the disruption of video on demand. Netflix once said that its biggest competition is sleep. This year, however, will see this mantra tested by video streaming services launched by Disney, Warner Bros. and Apple, to name a few. While you may not want to go big league with your streaming, creating a space on your site where your audience can “binge” on topics of interest isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

Influencer Marketing Grows—So Does Skepticism

Everybody has something to say in the gig economy and influencer marketing budgets for social platforms or event events are growing. Brands, however, are having trouble calculating ROI for influencer marketing while audiences feel influencer content is becoming inauthentic and outdated. Celebrities, on the other hand, are now more inclined to work with brands that share purpose over profits. How to bring the excitement of the influencer back to the forefront? Avoid manufactured, inauthentic campaigns.

Emotion-Driven Economy

Emotion has become critical business currency, but with so many brands aiming to pull at the heart strings, we’re entering an era of potential apathy in branding, which is causing emotional fatigue. It’s no longer about what an attendee will do with branding messaging, but how it makes them feel. Aiming for product-first communications that evoke emotion naturally can combat the exploitative side of purely emotional branding.

Wrath Marketing

Disgruntled clients and attendees run straight to social media these days where they can find a support group for any grievances they may have. Including a message of transparency in branding and being a champion of conversation is key to building relationships and eliciting positive results.

Arming Your Brand With Artificial Intelligence

Cloud-based software for AI is on the rise this year. More companies are adding AI technologies that can tap into an array of single purpose applications. Get your foot in the door of AI by adding a chatbot to your event app that answers any and all questions attendees may have.

The Social Media Exodus

Many social media channels are losing relevance, especially with millennials. As issues of divisiveness, privacy concerns and a growing perception that social media platforms are functioning as moral organizations continue to simmer, social media usage is expected to decrease. Newer social media platforms, however, are gaining tractions and may be a good place to start reaching your audience with a relevant, authentic message.

The Quiet Mind

Moving toward the calm side of the equation, the rise of the introvert in today’s society represents an opportunity for brands to appeal to their quiet, empathetic and reflective minds. Integrating mindful moments at events will show the compassionate and thoughtful sides of a brand to attendees, while also establishing an emotional connection. Incentivize a tech detox at events that rewards attendees for staying away from their phones.

In-Your-Face Inclusivity

Representation is a theme that will only continue to grow (and increase ROI), according to Isobar. As such, attendees are searching for raw, unpolished representation and experiences therein. Raw inclusivity is the next level of representation and it encourages conversation and diversity with humanity as their common denominator.

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