How to Write a Successful Tagline for Your Event

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Apple’s “Think Different” tagline

There’s a reason why ad campaigns stick with consumers.

Taglines such as Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “Think Different” provide brand messages so powerful that they’ve become part of everyday vernacular. Meeting planners can use similar branding methods for their own event marketing efforts. Here are five guidelines on how to write a tagline that will represent your event brand for years to come.

Keep It Simple

By keeping the tagline short and sweet, it will help attendees remember the accurate words and phrasing. It’s also easier to use in design layouts for the event website, newsletter or other marketing materials.

Differentiate the Event

Don’t think too outside the box. Instead, effectively convey what your event is about. Think of the tagline as a miniature mission statement that emphasizes the event’s objectives and personality.

Highlight the Event Advantage

Incorporate what sets you apart from the competition. If you bring top-name acts or offer lower rates, definitely stress those key advantages.

Encourage Positivity

Positive and upbeat words help create the best taglines. Not only will attendees enjoy seeing the words, but it will also create a positive message about your brand.

Be Distinct

Avoid using generic phrases or words. The tagline is meant to make attendees think of your event and your event only. If it’s catchy but no one can remember what specific event it represents, then it’s no longer useful.

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